Thirst of Billionaire episode 5


 Might you at some point carry my record with you since you’re going to the supervisor’s office too? The supervisor appeared to be very furious.

Sam discreetly gave Zara her office document as she was moving toward the manager’s office.

“May I come in?”

Zara entered with Zain’s endorsement and answered, “Obviously.” ” Chief, Miss Samreen has sent her document.”


Zain viewed Zara with a smidgen of fondness as smoke from his cigarettes twirled about him as Zara grasped the blue record in her grasp and stretched it out to him.

Her stunning almond-brown eyes appeared to flutter as if trying to conceal an emotion, a haven protected by the watchful sentinels of her eyelids. Pink lips shuddered a bit, showing how they were feeling. Zara painstakingly took her look off the floor, an opening she had obviously forgotten when she got the solicitation to his office, scared by the serious examination of those eyes upon her.

You requested this record, Sir. Zara murmured, “As you can see, I have a lot of unfinished business,” her confidence waning in the face of Zain’s uncontrollable piercing gaze.

She was never out of Zain’s extreme gaze, and he could see the nervousness in her eyes. ” For what reason do your eyes show up so blushed, Miss Khan?” He asked, his voice relieving, however, inquisitively unconcerned as he investigated her lake-like eyes and saw the furious tempests there. Zara wavered momentarily in the wake of being frightened by the surprising request.

I don’t believe you really should know the meaning of my eyes. If you have important information regarding the requested material, please continue.

Briefly, Zara’s voice shuddered and she showed a glint of resistance in her eyes. Zara has as of late demanded her retaliation for the embarrassment she experienced in a manner that briefly made Zain look pale.

However, he felt a strange sense of fulfillment. However, Zain immediately corrected himself for his rash loss of discretion.

“You are 100% correct, Miss Khan. Your main importance to me is that you are a representative that I have, as of late, criticized before the whole group. I consequently asked out of kindness.

As he observed his own face turning red with rage, Zain felt a chill sweep over the raging fire within him. Zara’s pleased eyes transmitted an unfaltering goal that was basically as scary as a strong stone.

I instructed, “Finish these four files in the next hour and a half, then get this file.” All alone, let Miss Samreen in on about her obligations.

Zain then, at that point, turned his concentration back to his PC and gave the directions with a feeling of finishing. Zara immediately assembled the records and advanced toward her office.

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