Thirst of Billionaire episode 4

 Miss Khan, you are welcome, Mr. Bose’s office. “Please enter immediately,” Moiz messaged Zara frantically.

“Indeed, sir.”

Zain delicately beat on Bose’s entryway while holding a document in his palm. He grasped his record with affirmation while he anticipated a response. He gave a cool “Yes” and strolled into the room as the doorbell rang. Right away, he zeroed in on the individual situated behind the counter.

Zara presented herself officially, “Hi, Sir, I’m Miss Khan,” and her tone was a mix of regard and confirmation.

Miss Khan: ” Yes. You were intended to be at the workplace,” Mr. Bose said, his eyes actually stuck on a report lit by a work area light.

Subsequently, Zara said, “In truth, I left on time, but since the strike, I was unable to track down a ride. Unfortunately, mud from a passing vehicle covered every last trace of my dress. I can guarantee you that I oftentimes show up on time.

Then, at that point, suddenly turning his head, Zain’s eyes changed to the document. While confronting his worker, he turned the seat around and sat with his arms on the backrest.

With a hint of disappointment in his voice, he charged, “In this way, you’re the person who tossed a stone at my vehicle and escaped without assuming liability.”

In acknowledgment, Zara’s eyes became more extensive. ” What are you doing here?” she mumbled.

“Be cautious with your words, Ms. Khan. Now I am your boss. Apparently, fortune has been my ally. When you entered my workplace this morning, I was certain that I would receive full compensation for the damage you caused to my priceless car.

In the wake of recovering, Zara answered, “I am sorry, sir. You ruined me already, so I calculated a stone would be a fair exchange.

She put the report right in front of him and went to leave when Zain’s abrupt voice intruded on her.

“I don’t remember leaving you, Miss Khan.”

“Apologies, sir.”

“Anything that the conditions allow, you will compensate for the harm. I will decide the installment’s expected date and technique. Presently, we collect the staff’s progress reports and carry them to the gathering space.

“Indeed, sir.”

Zain sat back in his seat and momentarily shut his eyes as Zara left.

“Fascinating, Miss Khan.”

As Zara sat in her seat and agonized over her circumstance, a weighty moan got away from her lips. She mumbled, “I don’t have any idea what sin I resolved to merit a supervisor like this,” focusing on the sky in a request for help.

Zara’s telephone rang similarly as she was going to nod off, shocking her out of her fantasy. She immediately got her documents and got to her feet as she arranged to make a beeline for the gathering room with a firm reason.

A chorus of good mornings came back after Zain said, “Good morning, everyone.”


With a tone of power, Zain declared, “I will not take part in discussions relating to the business or representative.

He hauled a pamphlet out of his document and set it up for anyone to see so that everybody could see. ” The names of those on this rundown are the individuals who have not improved during the last couple of months. It is apparent on the screen. The rundown will be displayed on the notification board for the people who can’t. Before everybody of you are letters of appreciation for your own accomplishments. After signing them, hand them over to Miss Khan.

All of you have a month from now. Anticipate postponements in your vocation assuming there is no expansion in your advancement all through this period. Your decision regarding whether you work during the day or around evening time is final; however, I expect results soon. I sincerely hope I won’t have to discuss this again.

Furthermore, we’ve marked our most memorable agreement with a client in Dubai for a shipment that should be conveyed in 15 days. You choose if you want to invest more effort or do whatever is important to arrive at the cutoff time. Make gatherings and assign pioneers for each fragment. You’ll answer to Miss Hamna, our new MD, assuming there are any issues.


Zain finished up eagerly, “Have a decent day,” apparently deadening the group.

However, at that point, a voice requested consideration and upset the tranquility. ” Hi, everybody.”

“Humna, I’m this organization’s new MD. There’s no requirement for me to emphasize whatever the supervisor has previously said. The top of every division ought to be picked, and they ought to answer to my office immediately.

Miss Hamna emitted the presence of a common lady in her 40s while wearing a coat over open blue jeans, a scarf around her neck, and gold-outlined glasses roosted on her nose. As she left, the workers returned to their seats, but Zara Khan paced like a confused cat and appeared disoriented amid the noise.

“What will I do straightaway? When I asked Rony for an advance salary, this company changed the MD.

“Mrs. D’Souza, what might be said about you?” Zara pondered, her temple laying on her hand, “She’ll remove us from the house.”

While clenching her hand into a fist, Zara smacked her head and groaned. She was distracted with her interests until a voice punctured the commotion.

Zain said solidly, “Miss Khan, this office isn’t a spot for relaxation,” showing his elevated requirements. “In the following fifteen minutes, if it’s not too much trouble, have that record I gave you prepared. Make me some espresso first, then, at that point, have it shipped off to my office.

Zain, who could have recently left Hamna’s office, saw Zahra sitting alone and felt a sense of urgency to reprimand her. Before this interruption, the office was calm, and the conversation was about coffee.

“Yet, sir, isn’t it the Peon’s work?” With her deliberate reaction, Zara accidentally added fuel to Zain’s rising anger.

It appears, Miss Khan, that a survey of our office strategies and methodology is vital. You presently have the errand of making espresso for me, and it ought to just require five minutes. You should make me espresso inside that time range when you arrive at my office beginning tomorrow; really at that time may you play out some other errands.

Zain continued to pay her a serious gaze with his eyebrows furrowed.

“I accept you have figured out my guidelines. You will before long get my office’s all’s data, and from here on out, there will be no capacity to bear disregard. Bring the Nikki and Children record to my office right now, please.

Zain’s tone mellowed a little as he observed the sparkling pearls that had shaped in her eyes. He gave a fast headshake prior to hurrying into his office. Due to the fact that her previous reprimand was heard by the entire staff, Zara was forced to sit in her usual chair outside Zain’s office. As a result, she was humiliated.

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