Thirst of Billionaire episode 2

 Shaukat finally confessed, feeling burdened by their mistreatment. “I’ve seen them,” he said. “But it’s not their beauty that stirs my heart, rather the darkness that lies within it.”

Shaukat arched his eyebrows as Shiney delicately stroked a picture of a certain young girl, asking inaudibly for Shiney to continue.

Shiney started out by saying, “The next order is different,” in a steady voice but one that was burdened down by the seriousness of their conversation. “We are on a mission to your country, Shaukat. I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors.

There are a hundred stunning hidden gems in your nation. It is our responsibility to return the best of them.

Shaukat leaned forward, briefly forgetting his cigar. He struggled with conflicting feelings as the honor of his country and a sinister objective intertwined.

Shaukat finally asked in a low, solemn voice, “We are about to leave for our mission as per your order.

The atmosphere in the room was tense, and the girl sitting on Shaukat’s knee shivered in anticipation of the choice that lay ahead. Wide-ranging effects would result from the decisions they made in this mysterious universe, and the uncertainty of it all loomed big.

PAST: “Dear Mom, I need your prayers. With his head dropped in reverence, he begged his mother’s blessings, saying, “Today is a crucial meeting.” His mother leaned in and gave him a soft kiss on the forehead while her fingers touched the side of his face.

May God give you success, my beloved child, mother prayed in a hushed tone that was tinged with maternal concern and affection. “My heart, however, is filled with strange thoughts as you leave. I’m curious about the nature of your work, which has been kept a secret all year.”

She continued to look at her beloved child while a hint of tears shimmered in her eyes like unshed raindrops.

In answer, he looked at me with eyes that were equal parts kind, reassuring, and guarding. He was aware of the suffering his clandestine job caused his family, particularly his mother. Nevertheless, he felt obligated to perform his obligations because he understood their significance.

He addressed her in the calming tone of his voice, “Amma, you know the nature of my profession. I have my companions, my brothers in arms, and most importantly, I have Zeno.

mother nodded, her eyes showing that she understood, but the fear was still clearly visible on her features. “Yes, I am aware, and you will visit us in the evening. We look forward to your coming back.

She had soothed him, and he grinned broadly as he got ready to go. “I’m grateful, Amma. Please pray for me , Feeamanallah.”

PAST:” Good day, Major! Come here,” the DSP exclaimed, clearly startled to see Andrew, who had been specifically chosen for this case due to his reputation for being fascinating and charismatic.

Swiftly approaching and saluting the DSP before taking a seat was Andrew. He took a seat and concentrated on the file in front of him. He enlarged the file on the table with several delicate moves, displaying a picture of a man in his mid-forties.

Meet Shaukat, better known as Shoki, who is our first target. He is the chief of the group’s right-hand team and is responsible for the unlawful identification of young women from underdeveloped nations in Sailand. They take obscene recordings of these females and use them as tools for extortion and human trafficking, the DSP said in a profoundly serious manner. “It’s a despicable profession.”

Andrew listened closely, his face a mixture of anxiety and resolve as he turned the page to investigate the matter further.

“And here we have Shine, the head of this criminal organization, who lives in Sailand,” the DSP said. Shoki, who is in charge of everything from drug manufacture to the supply of girls, directs all of his operations. Our undercover agent has information that their next target is our country this time. For the third time, Shaukat, alias Shoki, has brought this evil trade to Jakistan, and it is spreading like a sickness.

The imminent threat to his nation occupied Andrew’s thoughts as he took in this upsetting information. His instincts for self-preservation heightened, along with a strong sense of obligation to stop this criminal network’s evil schemes.

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