SOUL MATES chapter 1

Table of Contents

 OZKAN” SALEh  was a british turkish men who is runing his own business  in ‘braid ford”.
‘MALAIKA “IDREES who  was heading towards her anty’s home for further  studies ,
(Aunty)”  who is also a mother in law of her  elder sister  ‘Sanaya “.
This love story is written  on  the basis of  ‘Race Riot”.

  Malaika” was  sitting on a comfortable  seat of an aeroplane     ( closing her eyes ) talking to her self , missing her sister ‘Sanaya and Amma” (mother) .

“how will i spend  these two years with out  you ,all it would be very difficult  for me to spend two long years with out  my loved onces”.( she was talking to her  self )

I will try my best to complete my studies and come back to my place my ‘home ” as soon as possible  .
Suddenly !!!  She felt some fragrences around her ( some thing is very pleasing ) near by her ,( she did not open her eyes) and kept talking to her self fluently !! 
While ‘OZKAN”  was continuously  watching that asian beauty who dont even care  some budy is standing  right next to her *
‘OZkan” was feeling  pleased to see her like this ,   than he saw the airhostest,  he proper his  brown hair with his hand  and sit  right next to  malaiaka” . With in a minute  ,
Plane was about to take off ‘MALIKA ” suddenly hold  ‘OZkan’s right hand  and start reciting ”          ( HOLY BOOK ) . 
Malaika was  holding his hand because she was getting dread  from hight of plane .
 While ‘OZKAN”  was putting his   middle  finger   on his moustache   and the rest of the fingers on his lips and kept  gazing towards that beautiful thick lashes  girl ‘!! Who was wearing denim jeans  white T-shirt  with pink long coat  ( who is feeling dread from take off )   
Plane is finally take off  malika  was in the same  feeling  malika” was holding  ‘ OZKAN ‘s  hand very hardely and putting her  nails in his hand with fear she was not feeling  that she is hurting some one!!!! 
OZKAN   who was not saying single  word before that   but “now her nails was hurting him he ( shiver ) with pain and  immediately  said ,
 she slowly opened  her eyes wich are  covered with her thick lashes* 
(Green hazel  coloured eyes ) was attracting Ozkan!!!  
Malikaa saw ‘Ozkan ”   who was looking arrogant rude but still ( handsome fair colour moustache) men . who is   giving her feelings of some thing  is very pleasing in his personality.  
Malaika – ” How dare you call me wild cat  “.
Ozkan – He was listening  her polite  voice, his head was down and just feeling the  politness in her  voice .
He put his head  at the back of his seat and one finger on his head and other fingers on his chin , 
 his ( blue stone bracellets ) was  about to fell down.  He turned  his face towards ‘malika ”   who was still   in same  position and looking   him like   he said some thing wich is not appropriate according to her .
‘ Ozkan” – smile ** with his dimples  with  so much pleased  on his face to see that  (beautiful  girl ) . 
 ‘ Ozkan ” simple  there is only three person  sitting in a raw you me and that   uncle    so its clear i called you wild cat  because you did this to me  during take off ,
 Look  at my  hand   its badely  hurt by you  ( my princess  ) *
‘Malika ” was feeling guilty  of her act …

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