Forbidden Desires: Love, Faith, and Unyielding Revenge

Chapter 1 :Unexpected Relationship

As Alay stood at Dubai International Airport holding her passport and boarding card, her heart was racing with anticipation. She was ready to set out on a voyage that would alter the course of her life in order to finally visit her adored grandma in Delhi, India. She dressed modestly, reflecting her deep reverence for this voyage of the heart and her devoted Muslim beliefs.

Despite the international travelers in the terminal, Alay’s attention was steady. She had always felt her grandmother’s warmth, knowledge, and unwavering love, and now the thought of finally seeing her face to face gave her great excitement.

Her bag waited nearby, beautifully stuffed with clothing and priceless presents. Each object had a specific meaning for her and served as a symbol of the love she carried across boundaries. She was both nervous and excited as she walked up to the departure gate.

This voyage was more than simply a physical one; it was a spiritual mission to embrace the customs that her grandma held dear and to learn about her roots. Alay felt a tremendous sense of appreciation with each step she took towards the waiting jet. She had no idea that this excursion would result in an unexpected encounter and a bond that would drastically alter her life.

Alay couldn’t help but notice the traveler who had just occupied the aisle seat next to her as she took a seat by the window, her heart still pounding with anticipation and anxiety.
Praim, a young man with a backpack full of travel necessities, seemed to be a companion traveler. He watched the passengers take their seats with curious eyes that were framed by a pair of circular glasses. His neck was draped with a pair of headphones, which may have been a sign that he enjoyed music or was prepared for long journeys.
Alay couldn’t help but sneak a peek at him since she was curious. She watched as he carefully and methodically put his rucksack behind the seat in front of him. He exuded a sense of assurance that suggested he was no stranger to exploration.
Alay hastily glanced away after their eyes briefly locked, her cheeks slightly flushed. She pretended to be absorbed in the in-flight magazine’s articles before turning her focus back to it, but she couldn’t help but keep thinking about the intriguing man sitting next to her.


Praim was originally preoccupied with his observations, but he couldn’t help but be intrigued by the silent woman by the window.  She carried on reading while he gave her another quick glance, this time with a kind grin that escaped her notice.

Worlds apart but destined for an unexpected connection in the skies, Alay and Praim sat side by side as the aircraft’s engines roared to life and the flight attendants started their safety presentation.

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